Running tips for Beginners to Lose Weight

Running tips for Beginners to Lose Weight

Running is one of the most effective and simple Exercise to stay fit and healthy. Just by grabs your favorite running shoe pairs and put one foot in front of another. Running is a healthy activity helps you to keep your body safe and healthy. Excess Weight is one of the most common health issue found now days. Excess Weight may cause serious health related issues. Having Weight under control is a sign of healthy Health. Excess weight may leads to Hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, Heart diseases, Stroke, Cancer, Sleep Apnea, Pregnancy problems in women, body pain, kidney diseases, low quality of life etc. So best way to avoid this serious health risk is to keep weight under control.

Running tips for Beginners to Lose Weight

Running is one of most vigorous and efficient exercise helps you to lose weight by burning extra calories. According healthy study a person having weight 68 kg can burn nearly about 100 calories per 1.6 km running. Running not only helps in weight loss but there are dozens of health advantageous of running. The main reasons to run just few minutes a day includes improves over health, prevent form diseases, boost confidence, helps in relieving stress, keep heart healthy, take care of mental health, improves immunity system etc. No exercise improves health as running improves. As we discuss above running is essayist way to lose weight but to before making any lifestyle changes there are certain tips and plans you should remember while starting any workout or exercise because without having basic tips or plan may leads to bad effects on health and you get demotivated. If your beginners for running and looking for weight loss then we are trying to lost the some running advice for beginners for successful weight loss.

1) Try to Make a food diary

Diet not only helps to keep healthy but also plays a vital role in weight loss. Before you start running make diet plan i.e food diary. Make notes in diary of foods you eat in a week. Make sure you are getting balance diet containing fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are one of the most recommended diet for those who are looking for weight loss. Try to cutting down the junk foods like Chocolate, crisps and try to include green veggies, fish and lean meats in your diet. Most of the people thinking carbohydrates are essential for runners but if your beginner to lose weight then cutting down carbohydrates may helpful.

2) Eat Before Run

Two thumb rules to start running. 1) Don’t overload the meal 2) Don”t run with empty stomach. If your beginners to running then don’t need to take food with you just take some healthy breakfast like fruit or toasts with an egg. Healthy breakfast leads to optimal calories burn and keep energy level at the end of the day.

3) Time Your Meals

Making time table for your meals is the perfect tips to lose weight. If your running in morning or evening then make your meal plan accordingly. If you are planning to running in the morning then try to take adequate amount of carbohydrates according to your running schedule with snacks containing less fat, less protein, and carbohydrates.

4) Don’t excess the Sport Nutritional’s

Its true that Sports Nutritional’s contains sugar, electrolytes and other essential ingredients plays a vital role when your are on long run or doing hard workout but if your beginner to running and looking for weight loss then there is no need to take sports nutrients instead of it try to take glass of fruit juice and water before going to short run.

5) Follow a Running Schedule

Making perfect running schedule and sticking to it is the simple way to stay motivated. Most of individual start start running without schedule may stop your dream to achieve weight loss goals. If you run two days and skip one day or continuous changes in running schedule may stop you to achieve your goals. Increasing in running mileage may leads to running injury. So try to make your running schedule according to your levels.

6) Eat after Run

If you are beginners then its not necessary you are burning to many calories and your free to eat junk foods rich in fat. Instead of eating junk foods try to take fruit juice. (Carrot juice). According to study women can loss one or two pounds in a week consuming about 1800 calories with running plan.

7) Try to stay Hydrated

Water plays a very important to stay fit and healthy as healthy diet plays. Try to drink water through out the day but don’t forget to spread it gradually over running hours. Drinking Water may helps to burn more calories, drinking more water leads to reduce calorie intake helps to lower risk of weight gain etc. So drink proper amount of water to stay healthy and hydrated.

8) Don’t try to Overdo it

If you are just started running for weight loss and thinking increasing miles per day quickly may burn more calories then you are going totally in wrong direction it may leads to causes serious health injuries. No need to stress out your body. Try to run 15-20 minutes three to four times a week if you are beginner. If you are feeling stress at the end of working day and looking for relaxation techniques for stress relief. Running is one of the best way to release stress.

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