Quick recipes for college students

The average college graduate’s student loan debt is approximately $30,000, which means that even grubby, cheap chain restaurants like IHOP and Denny’s are out of the typical starving college student’s budget. College life is busy. Finding time to cook is challenging, but it definitely has the rewards. These easy college recipes for college students will keep hunger at bay in no time at all. Whether you are a parent trying to prepare a son or daughter to move away to college, or a college student trying to find things to eat besides cold cereal and pizza, these recipes are here to help.

Creamy chicken ramen with mushrooms

The ingredients are ramen noodles, water, a can of creamy chicken soup, and a can of mushrooms. This can easily feed one person for two days, or could be disguised as some sort of homemade delicacy by adding a little fresh basil or cilantro garnish to redefine the meaning of study night. Gourmet is just an attitude.

Pickled cucumbers and onions

Perfect for adding to any salad, sandwich, or stir-fry, these pickled cucumbers and onions only have to sit overnight in your fridge before they are packed with flavor and ready to make the flavorless Ramen dishes of your friends fry themselves with envy. Plus, you can add basically any spices you want; out of dill? Just put some pepper in there, or some cumin, or some of that mystery spice that was left in the back of your dorm cabinet by the last resident with the label scratched off.

Breakfast burrito

This is an awesome dish to melt belly fat and healthy sandwich wrap that you can enjoy. To start of, wrap the aluminum foil and heat it. The beans, whole eggs, egg whites need to be combined and stirred well. You also need a larger bowl, in which you need to put the egg and beans mixture and add it. The sprinkling over the top is to be added with cheese, onion and pepper. After adding, lower the heat and cover the food in order to cook well. Finally, use the bread slices to put the cooked mixture into it and serve it with wrapping in aluminum oil.

Chicken and broccoli casserole

Prepare to never want to eat broccoli or chicken again, because you will be sick of it after gorging yourself on the leftovers from this chicken and broccoli casserole that costs under ten dollars to make and will last you approximately a week.

Apple walnut salad

If you have had enough grease to last you a lifetime and need something raw and simple to try to apologize to your body for stuffing it full of strange meats and carbs, this apple walnut salad might do the trick.

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