Know benefits of playing pool

One of the most popular indoor game that you can start playing is pool. The game of pool might be insignificant to the mortal eye. A lot of people love playing pool, as it is a great way to improve your own skill, or simply pass the time with friends. However, there is more to playing pool than you might think, and we do not just mean technique. Playing pool actually has some health benefits. While you may not have thought about that aspect of the game before, you could be doing your body and mind a favor the next time you pick up a cue.

Look at the amazing advantages for those who play pool.

1. Can control aging

Lack of physical coordination is a common sign of old-age. People suffering from Parkinson’s disease are usually around or over 50 years old. Jerking limbs, weak motility and imbalanced gait are common symptoms of this disorder. The chemical cause is low count of dopamine-producing cells. Dopamine is a biochemical substance which carries nerve impulses to the muscles through our motor neurons. Decrease in dopamine affects a person’s locomotion, their muscle conduction & joint flexibility. Thus changing everything that matters in a person’s life. When the body becomes unviable, living loses luster.

2. Do strengthen joint

Have not had a good stretching lately? Well, a pool table is a nice place to shake out those cramps. Playing pool allows you to subtly flex your arms and shoulders at regular intervals. It also requires you to adopt some single-legged postures which allow the hip to stretch. So, if you are lethargic then pool can keep you flexible. Let us grease those hinges, shall we?

3. Increases physical balance

Center of mass, you probably heard that term in high school. It is the point around which mass of a body is equally distributed in all directions. What if I said pool could endow you with the power to control your center of mass? Well, that is exactly what those awkward one-legged stances are for, balance. It is a very frequently spotted maneuver at the pool table. No matter how left-handed it might appear, when you lean over that table, the tiniest quiver could make a difference. So, you are bound to stay on your feet. Good luck and do not fall over.

4. Get manual precision

Pushing and pulling the cue stick while taking aim improves your manual skills. At first, you might hit the cue ball too hard or too soft. But as time passes, you grow an intuition that tells you exactly how much force you have to apply for each stroke. Slowly, your manual actions become more accurate and therefore, reassuring. Thus, playing billiard enhances your wrist movement and finger related skills.

5. More hand to eye coordination

Targeting balls on a pool table is not rocket science. You do not have to calculate the position of the nine planets and pray you do not upset Saturn. But it requires a decent amount of practice. First, you imagine the path from cue tip to cue ball. Then you visualize the trajectory of the cue ball from initial point to object ball. Thus you speculate upon the necessary point of contact on the cue ball, your target; and shoot. Repeating this maneuver will improve the partnership between your hand and eyes.

6. Provides physical power

Pool might not be a very fast paced game but you can still derive some physical benefits from it. Making good strokes requires you to frequently change position around the table. According to research, in an average two-hour nine-ball game we walk nearly 0.25 miles or, 0.4 km around the pool table. That is not bad for some exercise. If played on a daily basis, these quarter miles can help you keep in shape.

7. Learn to be patient

Are you having problems with anger management? Let’s see how pool can help. Suppose, you are playing a competitive two-hour game. When it is your opponent’s shot you speculate which target would give him the greatest edge on you. Then you anticipate what stroke he is going to play and the intent behind how he positions the balls on the table. Now, it is your turn. So, you think of the target best suited to your strategy, defensive or offensive. Then you think of the best trajectory, select shot trajectory-wise and emphasize the best way you could position object balls to make the pockets smaller for your opponent. All that give it a thought takes a toll on your brain. But if you do this regularly your thoughts will become glib and your temper will ease.

8. Have sociability factor

The game of pool is not a solo mission. Obviously it is a competition and a competition might involve two or more people. When you play with a bunch of people you interact with them, you talk, you learn and thus you get to know them better. In this way, pool helps you create a relationship of mutual learning and friendship. So, if you are shy, playing pool with your family along with friends can help you bond with them.

So, head straight towards a pool board and then begin your journey.

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